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Attorney Jeff Levy Proudly Serve Toledo and other Northwest Ohio Neighborhoods.

Our legal system in the United States can be very complex, causing the simplest of legal situations to become a daunting task to manage. When involved in a legal dispute make sure you are fully aware of your legal rights and options to successfully resolve the dispute. Most people should speak to an  Attorney when they have legal concerns. If you are considering a divorce that may lead to a custody case you should talk to a Family Law Attorney immediately. These things can get gruesome if not properly handled, an experienced lawyer serving Northwest Ohio can guide you through the legal process and help you get on with life.

Jeff Levy is a Lawyer serving Toledo & Northwest, Ohio who has served for more than 35 years. Attorney Jeff Levy has helped countless individuals and companies resolve various types of legal disputes while also offering a variety of legal services to further their impact.

The Law Office of Levy & Levy focuses on providing legal advice in matters concerning criminal defense, family law, personal injury and civil litigation services. Attorney Jeff Levy has an excellent track record in helping clients in these cases.