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Child Custody

In a child custody dispute, either parent may be awarded custody depending upon the facts of the current situation, and what the court deems as what is in the best interest of the child. In awarding primary custody to one parent over the other, the court may not give preference based upon a parent's financial status or condition.

The court must take all relevant and appropriate information into account in an effort to make a fair and reasonable determination of how the child's best interests will be served based upon the current circumstances.

Once the court makes it's decision regarding the primary custody of the child, or children, they may issue a court order to allocate the parental rights and responsibilities for the care of the children, thus outlining the primary custodial parents rights and obligations, as well as the parent which is issued visitation rights.


Family law court orders pertaining to the custody and visitation of a child often includes issues such as:

  • Whom the child or children will primarily reside with;
  • Parenting plans, including visitation rights, and obligations;
  • Divide between the parents the other rights and responsibilities for the care of the children;
  • Order the amount of child support to be paid, and by whom;
  • and other specific issues which may be unique to the specific child custody or visitation situation.

Even in a situation where the issues surrounding the child were successfully mediated prior to a child custody hearing, in order for the agreement to be valid, the court must sign off on it as fair, reasonable, and in the best interest of the child. Contact Attorney Jeff Levy  (419) 244-1001 to schedule a Free Initial Confidential, Legal Consultation.


In the event that circumstances with either parent significantly changes, which may warrant a post judgment child custody or visitation modification, either parent may file for a modification hearing to change the existing child custody and visitation court order. Modification requests are not typically well received by the other parent, and are typically heavily disputed.

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