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Drug Charges

Drug crimes are a serious issue, which if convicted, may carry harsh penalties and fines. A drug crime conviction may also directly affect your life for years to come in matters pertaining to housing, education, employment, or other opportunities or goals you may have. Many individuals which face a drug crime charge are first time offenders, are in the wrong place at the wrong time, or are unaware that drugs were present at the time and place of the arrest.

Drug crimes may be either a misdemeanor or a felony charge, and are aggressively prosecuted by the district attorneys office. Any drug charge has the potential of fines, penalties and jail or prison time, and therefore should be aggressively defended. The defense of these charges are best served with the advice, assistance, and guidance of experienced legal counsel.


If have been charged with a drug crime, contact our office at (419) 244-1001 to schedule a confidential legal consultation with an experienced drug charge defense attorney & lawyer. Obtaining the services of experienced legal counsel should be the first step in the defense of your legal rights and freedom.

Drug Crimes often include, but are not limited to:

  • Drug Possession;
  • Possession with intent to distribute;
  • Drug Trafficking;
  • Sale and / or Delivery;
  • Attempted sale of illegal drugs or controlled substances;
  • Possession of paraphernalia or manufacturing equipment;
  • Distributing illegal drugs or controlled substances;
  • Manufacturing and cultivation.

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When charged with a drug crime make sure you are made aware of your legal rights, legal options, and any viable defense strategy by seeking experienced legal counsel.

As a law firm which provides professional legal services relating to drug charges, we are experienced, prepared, and well qualified to represent you in even the most difficult of legal challenges you may be facing. We are well versed in criminal law, and know how to apply the law to your specific legal needs and goals.

If have been charged with a drug crime, Contact Attorney Jeff Levy   (419) 244-1001 to schedule a Free Initial Confidential, Legal Consultation with an experienced drug crime defense attorney & lawyer.

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