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If you are convicted of drunk driving, you face a minimum of three days mandatory jail time. This is a serious charge (ORC Title[45] Ch.4511) that could result in jail time, fines, loss of driving privileges, and greatly increase your auto insurance premiums. A conviction could also drastically affect your ability to seek or maintain your employment. However, it may be possible to get a waiver of this jail time for participating in a driver's intervention program.

You will also be dealing with the burdensome consequences of driver's license suspension.

Each court in the Toledo area has specific paperwork for requesting reinstatement of your driving privileges. There may be reinstatement fees, and you may have a warrant block that needs to be removed.

If you have been charged with a DUI (Driving under the influence) or OVI offense in Toledo, or the Northwest Ohio area, Contact Attorney Jeff Levy   (419) 244-1001 to schedule a Free Initial Confidential, Legal Consultation. Attorney Jeff Levy will Protect your legal rights and make sure your voice is heard

What should I do if pulled over?

Stay Calm The first thing to do is to remain calm. If you have been drinking, but don't feel that you are inebriated in any way, very little of what you can say will be helpful. Treat the officer with respect and courtesy, but don't start talking about your evening out with the guys or your break-up with your girlfriend, which led you to drink.

Act Responsibly and Respectfully The police officer will ask to see your driver's license and insurance, which you should produce as quickly as possible. Keep your hands visible at all times - preferably on the wheel - and don't make any quick, jerky movements. Turn your radio off if you have been listening and make sure that your vehicle is in Park.

Claim the Fifth Amendment When the officer asks if you have been drinking, you have a choice. If you had one beer two hours ago, or if you haven't been drinking at all, say, "no, sir." If that isn't the case, and you aren't sure whether you are inebriated or not, simply tell the officer that you are claiming your fifth amendment rights not to incriminate yourself.

Stay in the Car Police officers do not take kindly to people jumping out of their vehicles. Stay seated in the car unless you are told otherwise.

Field Sobriety You've probably seen field sobriety tests acted out in the movies, and you'd probably agree that they look ridiculous. Some police officers will ask that you take a field sobriety test, and you can legally refuse. Those tests are extremely subjective and can be used against you. People with poor balance or poor night vision can easily fail when not inebriated. So politely decline.

Chemical Tests The Breathalyzer is the most common chemical test, and measures your blood alcohol content. You will have your license suspended for refusal.

Cooperate Even if you are convinced that you are sober, you can only hurt yourself by arguing with the officer. Instead, comply with whatever he says, and if he arrests you, calmly follow him to his car. Your time to battle the arrest will come later, after you've talked to an attorney.

Protect Your Rights

As soon as humanly possible, contact an attorney to represent you.

If you have been charged with a DUI offense, make sure your legal rights are protected by seeking the legal advice of an experienced DUI defense attorney (lawyer). Contact Attorney Jeff Levy   (419) 244-1001 to schedule a Free Initial Confidential, Legal Consultation.

Attorney Jeff Levy will do when you come to us with a drunk driving case is find out which court is handling your case, as different courts handle DUI cases differently, with some requiring alcohol assessments.

Attorney Jeff Levy will fully examine the evidence against you, including the police report and Breathalyzer test results, to determine whether the evidence will be admissible in court. We understand the legal requirements that apply to drunk driving evidence in Ohio, including the calibration of Breathalyzer tests.

At the Initial Consultation Ask the DUI Attorney these 8 Questions.

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