Toledo Attorney Jeff Levy Transcript

Hello my name is Jeff Levy. I am an attorney and I am licensed to practice in the state of Ohio the state of Michigan and in all federal courts all the way up to the United States Supreme Court. I have been a practicing attorney with offices in Toledo, Ohio for 39 plus years.


What I do is litigation, anything that can lead to a trial, doesn't necessarily have to be a trial but anything that can lead to a trial that would also include motion hearings in different courts as well as any other type of hearings the primary areas of my practice are in three areas:

1. One is in divorce I handle all issues in regards to divorce including post-divorce cases. I handle custody cases within those divorces as well as post custody issues. I also handle simple dissolutions where parties can literally agree to contract out of their marriage that is one primary area that I represent.

2. The second area is in civil litigation, again, that is anything that can lead to a trial an example of that is automobile accidents or property disputes or if one company is suing another for monies that are allegedly due and owing. All of those there you will need representation in court for purposes of pretrial as of as well as trials.

3. The last part of my practice primarily is criminal cases I represent individuals in regard to those criminal cases whether they be felonies or misdemeanors. Felonies one can serve more than six months all the way up to life in prison. Misdemeanors are basically up you can do up to six months in jail and probably a maximum $1000 fine although there are exceptions.


I practice in all the courts in Northwest Ohio from Bryan Ohio to Sandusky Ohio and all the courts in between and I go as far south as Hancock County which is Finley. I also practice in all of those courts in juvenile court so if you have a son or daughter who gets involved in any type of criminal case or any type of case in juvenile court I can also represent them on your behalf and on the juveniles behalf if you have any questions on any of these issues please feel free to call me for a free consultation at   (419) 244-1001

Thank you