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 Child Paternity

Child Paternity refers to the process of legally establishing who the father of a child is through scientific methods; typically a blood test or DNA swab analysis. Establishing the paternity of a child is important for a number of reasons. Paternity tests may be requested by either the mother, a father who has concerns about the paternity of their child, a man who is told that he is the father of a child, or a man who suspects a child is his biological offspring but is told the child is not his.


Child paternity is an important process which aids in various legal situations, such as:

  • To provide the child with a needed identity, or to verify a child's identity.
  • To help establish a health history of both the Mother and Father for medical care and treatment of the child.
  • To establish or disprove paternity regarding child support liability for a child.
  • To allow the child to be covered by health insurance, social security, inheritance and veteran's benefits.
  • Paternity also may allow the parties involved to seek public assistance where they qualify.
  • Establishing paternity may entitle such child by succession, inheritance or distribution, to take real and personal property by, through, and from his or her biological father and mother.

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When the paternity of a child is in dispute between the mother and the male in question, it is sometimes necessary to legally seek a court order in order to collect and test the necessary DNA sample.

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